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Bad Faith Insurance Has Grown Rapidly To Epidemic Proportions And In Spite Of Insurance Company Efforts To Keep Their Bad Faith Practices Quiet And Distanced From The Public, Information On The Growing Number Of Pervasive Bad Faith Related Cases And Court Verdicts Are Becoming More Available And Known To The Public.

Fight Bad-Faith Insurance Companies

“Bad faith” insurance companies denial of unpaid claims are widespread, pervasive if not the norm, responsible for the greatest destruction and loss of U.S. and Americans wealth, assets, businesses, jobs and poverty, and ultimate maximum loss of human life. A ‘legal’ term, Bad Faith statutes and laws in each state are intentionally blindly overlooked and unenforced by states insurance regulatory agencies.


View “Emmy Award Winning” Investigative Videos, Exposés Of Insurers Caught Committing Bad Faith Insurance Practices

View For Yourself Insurers Engaged In Incriminating Schemes, Deceptive Acts And Other Bad Faith Insurance Practices … And You Be The Judge!

The following investigative exposés and videos, produced and broadcasted by the network television and cable media, uncover numerous examples of common and widespread bad faith insurers fraudulent actions and unlawful schemes to deny claims. Representing just the tip of the iceberg, for years they have been suppressed and kept secret as much as possible to the point that they have been little known by many and unaware by much of the Public, that is until now and in recent years as they have become more pervasive. Today, breach of contract and bad faith insurance practices have become so common and widespread by so many of our country’s leading insurers, that they plague the industry and have become a serious industrywide problem. Bear in mind that the activities by the insurers exposed in the following videos herein are highly illegal but yet no congressional or enforcement authority have acted on them. This is why we ask consumers to buy insurance from Good-Faith insurers and not to buy from Bad-Faith insurers as this is the only way the American Public can take back it’s power and stop insurers from victimizing all Americans, policyholders and claimants.